Shop Facilities

To better serve our customers we built a new 7,000 square foot shop on 10 acres near our docks. The floor heating system works great as it maintained 57 degrees during global warming – 14 degree temperature.

Outside air compressor and dust collection rooms keeps the noise and dust outside of the building. The machine tools are laid out under the loft in a manner to process 16’ planks from tool to tool, The 1,000’ loft is arranged to maintain wood inventory and a large inventory of antique and classic boat parts. One of the walls is covered with 375 lineal feet of shelving to store items from boats while they are being worked on. 2,000 square feet of space is walled off to separate boat storage and supplies used on a regular basis. No windows, but the white epoxy floor and new technology lighting keeps the shop brighter than daylight.

If you would like to tour the shop please contact me. If arriving by water please give us an advance heads up, 918-693-1855.